Then and Now Collages 1979 – 2017

Marge Loudon Moody

Then and Now: Collages 1979-2017


Artist Statement

This exhibition is selected from collages made over the past 38 years, up to the present day. Between 1985 – 2003, collage was my sole medium. A pivotal moment was the 1981 Marlborough Fine Art Gallery, London, show of small collages by Kurt Schwitters. My early work used ‘found’ papers. Later, I painted my own. Exotic papers from India and Thailand became part of my palette, seductive in their beauty and challenging for that reason.

My main concern is that of form. While this is driven by a thorough knowledge of the Design Principles, over the years it has been intuition that has made my process more finely tuned. Drawing has always been a valued skill, and I often feel that I am drawing shapes with a knife when making collage.

My work results from a rigorous process of refinement, in order to create a harmonious expression of the essential nature of my subject. I am inspired by my experience of places – distant and close to home. Subject matter serves as metaphor for intangible ideas. It references boundaries, addresses the fragility of existence, of presence, absence and of memory.

October 2017