2013 - Paracosms

Artist statement: Like the Desert Garden series, and made around the same time, this body of work employs collage from ‘found’ as well as bought papers. The inspiration behind this work was from repeated visits to Chicago and New York and I recreated in my mind scenarios that might remind one of urban landscape, and capture the essential experience of being in the city. Unlike cities, however, these pieces are small and suggest an intimacy not usually felt. Carefully selected collage materials describe aspects of these places, bringing to the viewer a sense of surface, light, air and substance relevant to the Subjects in question.

Paracosms, a definition: Something existing solely in the imagination but often mistaken for reality. Fantasy world.

‘When we are children, we invent these detailed imaginary worlds that child psychologists call ‘paracosms’. These landscapes, sometimes complete with imaginary beasts, heroes and laws, help us orient ourselves in reality. They are structured mental communities that help us understand the wider world. We carry this need for paracosms into adulthood. It is a paradox that artists who have the widest global purchase are also the ones who have created the most local and distinctive story landscapes’.  
Excerpts from ‘Following ‘The Boss’ around Europe’ by David Brooks, New York Times, 2012. 

Marge Loudon Moody Urban Instincts series: Claret Oppola collage 2013