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‘Moments Keenly Observed, Drawing, Painting and Collage 2002 – 2007’ By Linda Pastryk

"Because collage elements derive from ordinary items populating our daily space, Moody’s sensitivity to the colors, shapes, textures and configurations that surround her is particularly acute. The diversity of her personal background adds another dimension, since she has lived in Kenya, the northern UK (Scotland) and now the southeastern United States; each distinctive environment has only sharpened her observation of life’s ingredients."

Moments Keenly Observed, Drawing, Painting and Collage 2002 – 2007 [PDF]


‘Quiet Storm Within’ By Linda Luise Brown

"...the collages of Marge Moody are executed in the style that others imitate."

Quiet Storm Within [PDF]

‘Marge Moody Collages’ By David Houston

"Within this context, the collage pieces of Scottish-born artist Marge Moody address a different realm than that of our cacophonous lives."

Marge Moody Collage [PDF]


‘Found Fragments: The Art of Collage’ By David Houston

"Marge Moody’s nonobjective works immediately establish points of reference with the tradition of abstract painting. Working over paper with painterly color, she establishes visual and emotional associations following the inner logic of each work."

Found Fragments: The Art of Collage [PDF]


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‘Marge Moody & Ken Hoffman’ By Deborah DeBruin

"Moody’s pieces have an immediacy about them that contradicts her reflection of the emotions and thoughts questioned. They are able to capture and fully express a feeling that lasts only moments but can be contemplated for hours."

Marge Moody & Ken Hoffman [PDF]


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‘Marge Loudon Moody: Made in America 1983-2013’ By Lucas Battich

"Loudon Moody’s paintings brim with dynamism, giving the impression that the harmony that sustains them is always on the brink of dissolving. The colours, shapes and lines are in a constant state of transition, attesting to the ephemeral quality of our experience of place."

Marge Loudon Moody: Made in America 1983-2013 [PDF]


Marge Loudon Moody Installation shot City Art Gallery Columbia SC Made in America show 2013

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