2011 - Chicago In Your Dreams

Artist statement: This series evolved from a visit to a Chicago salvage warehouse. The place was as if one had stumbled into a dream. Objects were real, captured, immobilized and rooted in the near or distant past. They were on view, in plain sight to anyone who visited. Yet at the same time their presence evoked a sense of history, of memory and of environments that once were: of other moments in time. Dreams may be similarly based on reality, dissolving into fantasy, blurring the line that separates the ‘real’ from the ‘unreal’ This work addressed finding my fine line between reality and imagination.

Chicago In Your Dreams series comprise acrylic paintings on canvas and range in size from 54 x 40″, 48 x 96″ and 60 x 72″

Marge Loudon Moody Chicago In Your Dreams series: Chandelier Acrylic on canvas 48 x 96 ins 2011