2012 - Blue Chicago Series

Artist statement: During a visit to Chicago in 2012 I became acutely aware of the color blue seen in various places – on buildings, in train stations, glimpses of daylight in dark alleys, reflected off the face of a glass building or a distant glow in the dark night sky. Each of the the blues was different in tone, in intensity and nuance of hue – some brilliant blue, some aqua blue green and others, dark, velvet blue. Some blues were transparent and others opaque. What they had in common was their ‘blueness’ and that they appeared everywhere, at random, throughout the city.

The Blue Chicago series are acrylic paintings on canvas and range in size from 30″ square to 60 x 72″, with most of them being 48″ square.

Marge Loudon Moody Blue Chicago series: Blue Line Acrylic on canvas 48 x 48 inches 2013