2014 - Axiomatic Relationships and One May series

The Axiomatic Relationships series and the One May Series are acrylic paintings on canvas. They range in size from 30 ” square to 42 ” square. Pieces 1 and 2 in the Axiomatic Relationship series include collage elements.

Artist statement: Axiomatic Relationships series 2014
These pieces are non-objective and emanate from academic thought relating to knowledge and application of the Design Principles
‘Axiom’. A statement that is accepted as true; the basis for an argument or inference.

Artist statement: One May series (selected images) 2014
The ‘One May’ series relates to stimuli experienced in and around my home in the month of May 2014, such as, reflections in glass or water, plant life, buildings, sun, light and color etc.


3 Marge Loudon Moody Axiomatic Relationship Lilac Line Acrylic and collage on canvas 36 x 36 ins 2014